Taj Joaillerie is the story of one woman, a woman who is passionate about elegance and decided to delve into the fabulous world of jewellery design. Following her studies at a top-ranked French business school, Rita Chraibi started her career in Europe as an investment banker and then as a consultant before joining Google in Dubai. It was there that Rita decided to make a career out of her passion and Taj Joaillerie was born.In order to perfect her technical knowledge, Rita graduated from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America, one of the foremost diamond-certification institutes in the world), and trained under master jewellers in Dubai and Beirut. Having settled in Dubai, Rita surrounded herself by talented designers and artisanal jewellers from the region to make her designs. Her creativity, curiosity about the world and endless quest for perfection result in the design of sophisticated, unique and timeless collections that adhere to the rules of international high jewellery.

The designs of Taj Joaillerie embody a new trend in jewellery which reflects its designer’s personality, youth, and passion for jewellery, marked by her creative inspiration which is the fruit of much travelling.

A unique, timeless style:
With an irresistible touch of glamour, original and daring designs sit alongside revisited classic designs. Taj Joaillerie uses the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones in unusual colours and sizes, and works with gold to bring out all of its inner beauty. Our creativity transcends time and fashion.

Our collections are renewed several times a year:
Taj Joaillerie designs are unique pieces or part of very limited series. With the exception of some iconic models, we completely renew our collections for each private sale, which are held every two to three months.

High quality standards with our sights set on excellence:
Taj Joaillerie takes special care to choose gemstones of the finest quality so that the white and coloured diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and semi-precious stones that we use shine in all of their glory. Most of our jewellery is made in Dubai by the best craftsmen and women. Our goal is not only to create wonderful pieces of jewellery but also to make them perfect.

In order to keep our prices reasonable and renew our collections very frequently, Taj Joaillerie only sells its jewellery:
- In private sales held every two to three months in the biggest cities in Morocco and Dubai
- By order through our website

You can buy Taj Joaillerie products by placing an order on our website. When you click “contact”, you can request a quote and/or order a piece of jewellery.

This approach allows us to stay very close to our customers, to meet them often in the friendly atmosphere of the private sales, and to offer a completely bespoke service.

At Taj Joaillerie, customer satisfaction is the top priority.
We are committed to providing the best quality customer service and putting our expertise and passion for jewellery completely at your service.
Buying a piece of Taj Joaillerie is also a rewarding experience that gives you the chance to meet the jewellery designer and ask for her advice on finding the jewellery of your dreams.

The purchase of a piece of Taj Joaillerie is the start of a lifelong relationship with us.
We will always be here to help you if you need a repair or to resize your jewellery.

You can reach us by telephone or e-mail by clicking “contact us”.

Exceptional pieces

Eternity rings

Engagement rings


If you want to have your dream piece of jewellery made, Taj Joaillerie offers Taj Bespoke, a unique and completely customised jewellery design service. Describe your dream piece of jewellery to us, or send us a photo, drawing or stone, or simply tell us about your dream piece of jewellery, and we will do the rest.

Our jewellery workshop would like to work with you to create a unique piece of jewellery that measures up to your expectations and budget. We will listen to you, advise you, and meet even your most demanding requests.

Taj Bespoke in five steps:
1. Description of the jewellery: describe your dream piece of jewellery by sending us a photo, a drawing, or simply by telling us about it
2. Liaising and design: our designers will contact you to get a better idea about what you want, advise you about the choice of gems, and give you guidance on the design of the piece
3. Approving the design and quote: you will receive a design and a quote for your approval
4. Design of the jewellery: your jewellery will be made in Dubai by our experienced craftsmen and women
5. Delivery of the jewellery: your piece of jewellery will be delivered to you in person wherever you live in Morocco or Dubai

If you wish to use this service, please contact us here.


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